Maintenance Planner

The position is responsible for providing job planning and scheduling support for Operations and Maintenance, by generating priority schedules, establishing project manpower schedules, coordinating detailed project schedules with Operations, and issuing all necessary reports.
Monitors receiving and scheduling of work assignments from incoming work orders to the physical plant.
Develops detailed and complete work packages consisting of detailed work instructions, labor estimates, procedures, bills of material, specifications, drawings, tool and equipment requirements, applicable permits, and any other information required to complete work in an efficient manner with emphasis on quality
Utilizes a series of computer tools to perform planning and scheduling tasks
Reviews incoming work requests, prioritizes planned and scheduled work, completes all pre-job planning activities and reviews/incorporates all pertinent safety procedures.
Monitors the input/output of data by computer relating to the work control center operation.
Routinely reviews work priorities and work schedules.
Clarifies information on work orders by contacting originator.
Communicates schedules to supervisors and crews performing work
Coordinates work in all shops from information received on work orders.
Evaluates resource requirements (including labor, materials, equipment, tools and services) and reviews work quality.
Provides operational reports.
Routinely reviews and revises maintenance database.
Identifies equipment with excessive cost/downtime.
Expected to adhere to safe work practices becoming of a VPP Star worksite, follow GMP and HACCP guidelines, maintain sanitary conditions and ensure that product quality is maintained in order to maintain SQF Level 3 certification. Report to management any conditions or practices that may adversely affect food safety, food quality or personnel safety.
Performs other duties as assigned.

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